Walking together
INESIN staff and friends

Praying to our life-giving God
Jacinto, participant in spirituality workshops

Accompanying the festivities
musicians from Huixtán

Analysis of current events
Jorge, friend of INESIN and founder of DESMI, AC

Celebrating 15 Years Constructing Peace in Violent Times

Ecumenical worship service
Ending the weekend´s festivities

Celebrating diversity
Sonya, from the UCC, contributes a flower

Enjoying time together
Guillermo, member of the board and Lucy, INESIN´s first office manager

Sharing the harvest
Miriam, member of the board

Gathering the fruit from INESIN´s last 15 years

Tseltal attendees

Filling our stomachs with delicious Mexican fare
Julia, Betty, Juana and Lucy

Eating together

Doribel, participant in our Training in Intercultural Issues and Migration (DIM), with Manuel, Nancy and jPetul

Planting the seed

jTatic Vicente, indigenous spiriual leader, blesses our new pear tree

Learning from the children

Citlali shares her work


Mayan prayer

Jaime, son of an INESIN employee, adds a candle to the Mayan altar

Dancing to mariachi music
Aida, Catholic sister, and Felix, Global Ministries executive for Latin America and the Carribbean

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