Our Work

Theology and Spirituality

Develop and build individual and group capacity to facilitate and accompany growth in the areas of indigenous theology, personal spiritual growth, pastoral readings of the Bible, interculturality, migration, gender equity and non-violent culture from a theological and pastoral perspective.

  • Activities:
    * Trainings: pastoral accompaniment in situations of domestic violence, pastoral readings of the Bible, indigenous theology (systematization, coordination, and accompaniment of personal spiritual development), biblical languages and translation
    * Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
    * Ecumenical analysis of current events
    * Summer theological courses
    * Personal spiritual development retreats
    * Care and defense of Mother Earth, Corn and Water project
    * Indigenous Theology conferences
    * Publication of our magazine, Encuentros (Encounters)

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Strengthening Communities

Objective: Strengthen Chiapanecan communities through community group and personal capacity-building, food security, cultural regeneration, creation care, intercultural and inter-confessional dialogue, and gender equity, all to promote healthy and sustainable livelihoods and communities.

  • Activities:
    * Create a network of ecumenical community groups
    * Promote food security through organic family gardens
    * Education surrouding water and waste management
    * Environmental education in elementary and middle schools
    Offer workshops relating to nutrition, preventative healthcare, environmental issues, reforestation and other topics

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Instituional Advancement

Objective: Secure the institution´s financial viability through the acquisition of national and international funds. Gain national and international recognition for the caliber of INESIN´s work, staff and facilities.

  • Activities:
    * Management and finances
    * Communications
    * Library
    * Facilities management
    * Training in popular methodology (DIMPI)
    * Maintaining contact with partners
    * Institutional planning and scheduling
    * International delegations
    * Annual evaluation
    * Continuing education for personnel
    * Coordination of team meetings and institutional planning

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Instituto de Estudios e Investigación Intercultural, A.C.

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