INESIN Begins Construction
March 12, 2012
Natanael Navarro, lawyer, has been a part of INESIN since its foundation in 1997. Today he serves as accountant and office manager.
On February 20, INESIN broke ground on a new multi-purpose room which will bear the name “Samuel Ruiz García” in honor of San Cristóbal´s former Bishop, a leading voice for ecumenical and intercultural dialogue in Chiapas. Don Samuel was also involved in the formation of what we today know as INESIN.

Construction will take place in three phases, the first of which (laying the foundation) will be finished this Friday. INESIN and Global Ministries, the mission arm of the United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ, are co-funding this initial phase. We are still searching for funding assistance to help us complete the two remaining phases.

Once finished, this multi-purpose room will measure 190 square meters and will allows us to:

1. Host two simultaneous events, one in our current multi-purpose room and another in the space currently under construction.

2. Provide new churches, NGOs and religious organizations the opportunity to become familiar with INESIN´s facility and work.

3. Host groups with more than 40 participants; avoid costs associated with rental of other facilities for large groups.

4. Through its rental, receive additional income to further our institutional vision and mission.

We welcome your financial contributions to this project!

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